I am a Santiago based architect and photographer, born and raised in Chile. Photography has been my passion since I got my first camera in the year 2000. Over time I have developed a more mature approach to my photography skills, which are constantly evolving. 


Most of my work is developed with my digital camera, but I occasionally experiment with my film camera a Leica M3. If you take a look to my portfolio, you´ll see some of my work in the past few years and the type of photo I enjoy taking. In most of them, I try to tell a story or share a feeling and all of them are taken from a very personal point of view. 


I am currently working as an architect in the firm I started with my partner, Sebastian Lambiasi, back in 2010 (www.lwa.cl). We believe in the power of creating space with an accent in design. My eye for shooting has been influenced and enriched by my experience as an architect.


I capture most of my shots during my day to day activities, so I think that some of the best ones are captured with my cellphone and shared on my instagram account (@t_w_o)


Im interested in working in photography projects here in Chile or anywhere else. Please feel free to contact me by mail (twestenenk@gmail.com). You can also contact me through my INSTAGRAM account.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and my photography. I hope you enjoyed the visit and to hear from you.